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  1. Thanks. Maybe I made a mistake in my original request, I’m Belgian so my French isn’t flawless.
  2. Pouvez-vous changer le nom de la station à "Brugge-Maleveld"? Le nom maintenant est "Brugge-Male". Je veux aussi demander si vous pouvez changez le nom de ma station "Brugge" à "Brugge-Matmeers". Merci beaucoup!
  3. Hi, I see the pics haven't been changed yet, wonder if you had some time to do it @matt67? It's fine if you don't have time at the moment, no worries.
  4. I put the Davis T/H SHT-31 sensor in a MeteoShield Pro yes, you need to do some work that isn't without risk on the sensor but you can eventually fit it in. Strange to hear that it takes months, I know someone that sends almost daily emails to Jan Barani and he always gets a reply within a few hours.
  5. Hi, there's been some more changes to my station (Brugge). Anemometer pole has been extended 1.5 m in height and the ISS has been moved to a more open garden around 250 m away. I wonder whether an administrator could update the pictures on my station again (https://www.infoclimat.fr/observations-meteo/temps-reel/brugge/000RK.html). Thanks in advance! Here's the pics:
  6. Hi, I will be talking in English since my French isn't great. I am the owner of station Brugge, BE (https://www.infoclimat.fr/observations-meteo/temps-reel/brugge/000RK.html). The pictures I sent when I applied for the réseau static aren't fully up to date anymore, I was wondering whether an administrator could delete the pictures and replace them with 3 new ones that I will include in this message. The main thing that changed is the anemometer, I got a new one on a building nearby because it's a better spot to measure wind than my roof. The other minimal change is that the radiation shield is now attached to a seperate pole (better for a more efficient emission of long wave radiation, resulting in quicker cooling at night) instead of being attached to the same pole as the rain gauge. Thanks!
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